Watch Out These Common Signs To Know If Cash Home Buyer Is A Scammer!

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There are scammers around us that may pose as the cash home buyers in front of us at first, but they aren’t! Though it may sound unfortunate, but it is true. While selling your home for cash, you will need to take special care to see if you aren’t falling in the trap of any scammer.


Watch out for the following signs to know if your potential buyer is a scammer or not. Plus, follow the tips to make sure to be safe from such scammers.

They share their financial details eagerly

A cash buyer who isn’t genuine will be more than eager to share their financial details. So, be careful of it. They may send you wrong financial records or statements of their bank accounts.

It is time to place your detective hats on your head if they share such details even when you haven’t asked for the same. Without any kind of general conversation, it may seem suspicious to share the details that are not required at the early stage.

The buyer would not appear for days!

Remaining unavailable for a long period of time sounds a bit fishy. They may avoid having direct phone conversation with you. If they come up with some vague reasons like the time difference and such other ones, they may be fraud. They don’t appear to be genuine or if you don’t find them what they claim to be, these can be indeed warning signs. They may fear that their way of talking and other such things may reveal their origin.

Confusing stories from the buyers’ end

The buyer may be from different country than what he may tell you. So, there are chances of them building up different versions of the story on why or why can’t they do something. There can be numerous twists and turns in stories that will definitely hint for the uncertainties. To get genuine and guaranteed buyers, visit

The buyer is very eager and makes mistake

Before you provide the payment details, the scammer will likely bring it up that topic. They just can’t wait to send the money to lawyer’s account. It may be a down payment, full price, or the earnest money.

However, if the scammer sends the money without even asking, it is high time for you to notice it. They may even come up with some lie on why they require you to refund a part of their funds instantly after depositing the check.

The scammer can then even ask you to send overpayment back via wire transfer. When the check clears, it may come up back as forgery. After that, you will be responsible for funds that you wired over.

When scammer will send you the money, there will be many mistakes from their part. He will probably lie that something or other has gone unexpectedly wrong and they need immediate refund.

Thus, the above signs are surely indications that you are dealing with scammers. So, make sure to watch out for these signs to end up preventing your hard-earned money!